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Your biological samples are safer, and your money saving is greater with Norgen Biotek Preservatives

Sample Collection and Preservation

Anyone who deals with medicine and biological research knows that there is utmost importance in the existence and preservation of biological samples.

In this post we will discuss a new and improve way to preserve your sample!


Sampling and sample preservation are critical steps in biological research and medical processes. Some samples are taken immediately for testing in many cases it is necessary to send the sample to distant or overseas laboratories. In some cases, there is a need to preserve samples for the long term.

It is of utmost importance to preserve/fix the samples in the condition in which they were sampled. The common methods used for years require in some cases the sample freezing and sample preservation under freezing or refrigeration condition. These processes are cumbersome and do not provide a perfect answer. In addition, shipping processes for these samples are involves strict procedures and are very expensive, especially if it is overseas shipping. Sometimes as a result of shipping problems the samples are damaged.

Is there an alternative way to preserve and shipping your sample?

The answer is YES!!!!!!

The new sampling and preservation devices allow you to preserve a very wide variety of biological samples. The samples are preserved at room temperature, (depending on the type of sample), in the same condition in which they were sampled over time. The preservative provides sample homogeneity and eliminating sample variability. Halts microbial growth, inactivates viruses and renders sample non-infectious. Preserve and safely transport DNA & RNA at ambient temperature. Consequently, the samples can be transported easily without fear of damage caused to them during shipping process and without special costs. Sample can be mailed by regular post.

Are the new devices more expensive?

The answer is NO!

If we calculate all the cumulative expenses:

1- Methods that include samples preservation in freezing (including the need to purchase freezers and refrigerators equipment).

2- Current use of electricity.

3- Very high costs of in cooling and freezing conditions transportation.

The new devices are Cheaper.

Want to learn more about Sample Collection and Preservation devices?

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